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Red Rock Recovery Center is a Colorado State licensed and nationally accredited treatment program designed to treat individuals suffering from Substance Use Disorder through two program tracts – Our Extended Care Program and our Community IOP. Our compassionate team of professionals are here to help you and your loved one navigate the often tumultuous terrain of early recovery and empower you to live your most joyful, fulfilled and independent life. Located in Denver, Colorado we offer a safe haven for our clients to embark upon a new way of living. Our programs are based on a compassionate 12-step model that employs a variety of therapeutic modalities; designed to foster a process of self-inquiry, healing and change.

individualized treatment planning

It is indisputable that nobody enters treatment without complex life-circumstances and a unique set of needs; and it is paramount that our team gets a clear picture of these circumstances so we can empower our client to craft a strong foundation on which they will build a new life.

experiential programming

Red Rock Recovery Center employs a holistic approach to treatment; treating the mind, body and spirit. An integral part of this process is connecting to something greater, something more powerful than us. And because Red Rock Recovery Center is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, our clients have a unique opportunity to access some of our country’s most beautiful trails and vistas. Here they can learn from their surroundings, discover their self-efficacy and become aware of individual strengths.

what people are saying

  • I had hit rock bottom and had to get away from my environment and triggers of my home town. Red Rock was there for me. They lovingly helped me change my life and learn to care for and about myself. For that I am forever grateful to Red Rock and their amazing team. I now have the life I have always wanted but never knew I deserved.

    Kathryn, 33 Client
  • I have been working with Red Rock since we opened our doors and I can say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I truly look forward to coming to work everyday, which I realize is something that not everyone can say. I get the opportunity to watch young men and women transform their lives on a daily basis. The growth that we see here is pure and unparalleled. I will always be grateful to have been a part of our process here.

    Sam Employee
  • Red Rock has given me the tools to truly be sober. The combination of groups, sober living and working the 12 steps has allowed me to start a new lifestyle that's not only healthy but fulfilling. I know I made the right choice on coming to Red Rock and am excited about my future.

    Jesse, 28 Client
  • When I arrived I made a decision to surrender to this process completely because I knew this was life or death. My goal was to stop being a slave to drugs and alcohol because I knew they were ruining my life and hurting my loved ones. This program gave me not only that miracle, but SO much more.

    Cali, 32 Client

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