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Red Rock Recovery Center believes it is important family members participate in the recovery process alongside of their loved one. Therapeutic evidence suggests that when the family engages in their own recovery process, by practicing clear communication skills and troubleshooting systemic issues, the odds for long-term recovery greatly increase. This is why the clinical team at Red Rocks Recovery Center place such an emphasis in including family members in their loves one’s recovery.

Our highest priority is to create unity and to foster healing.

Beginning with your very first call, our admissions team will guide you with a step by step process that will make for a smooth transition into our recovery program. Red Rock Recovery Center Staff understands admitting your loved one into treatment can be a very stressful and heartbreaking process, and we are here to offer support every step of the way. We will provide a detailed outline of our treatment program, as well as give all parties involved the opportunity to have any and all questions and concerns answered. Families are welcome to have a tour of our facilities as well as meet our clinical staff at any point.

The Family Weekend Program

FWP is a weekend intensive program that is designed to educate clients and their families about substance use disorder, codependence and recovery. Our goal is to help the entire family understand the scope of impact that substance abuse has taken on them, to open clear lines of communication and to draft a path forward, unified as a family in recovery.

What is included in the Family Weekend Program?

FWP includes psycho-education, communication exercises, group therapy and discussions about the effects of substance use disorder on the family system and how to recover from it. FWP will explore common family dynamics that may be perpetuating unhealthy behaviors and offer new ways of relating to and supporting one-another.

what people are saying

  • I had hit rock bottom and had to get away from my environment and triggers of my home town. Red Rock was there for me. They lovingly helped me change my life and learn to care for and about myself. For that I am forever grateful to Red Rock and their amazing team. I now have the life I have always wanted but never knew I deserved.

    Kathryn, 33 Client
  • I have been working with Red Rock since we opened our doors and I can say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I truly look forward to coming to work everyday, which I realize is something that not everyone can say. I get the opportunity to watch young men and women transform their lives on a daily basis. The growth that we see here is pure and unparalleled. I will always be grateful to have been a part of our process here.

    Sam Employee

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