Structured Living

structured sober living

Red Rock Recovery Center’s Transitional Living Program is a 12 step-based, accountability oriented environment where our residents will live for the duration of their stay. Our transitional living programs are strictly gender specific. Residents will live in a highly structured environment for the purpose of engaging in working the 12-steps and practicing principles of recovery. Members of each house will be required to find a sponsor and begin engaging in 12-step work, obtain employment, and practice the principle of being fully self-supporting as well as engage in peer and staff driven accountability.

Our goal is to promote recovery, service, and a strong fellowship that will create an unshakable foundation for years to come.

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What's Included?

  • 12-Step Programs and Principles
  • Assistance with Finding a Sponsor
  • Weekly Food Cards for the First 10 Weeks
  • Daily Accountability House Meetings
  • Free Gym Passes
  • Resume Building and Job Placement
  • Financial Management
  • Probation and Legal Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Weekly Outdoor Excursions

Our residents will have opportunities to exhibit the life skills they are acquiring at Red Rock Recovery Center as they begin to be freed from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our goal is to promote recovery, service, and a strong fellowship that will create an unshakable foundation for years to come. Clients will be required to comply with numerous recovery oriented standards. These standards will provide a structure where clients will grow and evolve into strong, productive members of society. Standards will include the abstinence from alcohol and any other mind altering chemicals, attendance of daily house accountability meetings, as well as external anonymous meetings, and respect for one another’s safety, privacy, and possessions.

Red Rock Recovery Center engages its’ clients in 12-step anonymous programs while providing a setting for which residents will learn that sobriety and recovery can be fulfilling and fun. Residents will learn to grow in healthy relationships with peers and family, make a sufficient living through employment, as well as find a sense of community and belonging in their recovery. Red Rock Recovery Center Standards require the expulsion of old ideas and beliefs while creating new ideals. Our clients will find strength and motivation with heavy support of their peers and staff. Recovery cannot be undertaken alone which is why our residents will establish strong sponsorship, peer support, and staff relationships that will help them find a new freedom and a new happiness. If you are ready to start a new life, one with serenity and purpose, then Red Rock Recovery Center Transitional Living Program in Denver, Colorado is the drug and alcohol treatment program for you.

what people are saying

  • I had hit rock bottom and had to get away from my environment and triggers of my home town. Red Rock was there for me. They lovingly helped me change my life and learn to care for and about myself. For that I am forever grateful to Red Rock and their amazing team. I now have the life I have always wanted but never knew I deserved.

    Kathryn, 33 Client
  • I have been working with Red Rock since we opened our doors and I can say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I truly look forward to coming to work everyday, which I realize is something that not everyone can say. I get the opportunity to watch young men and women transform their lives on a daily basis. The growth that we see here is pure and unparalleled. I will always be grateful to have been a part of our process here.

    Sam Employee

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